Bernard has published several hundreds of images in international and national magazines and has contributed to the illustrations of several books. Several of his pictures were also used on the internet for various projects and websites. He contributed to covers and centerfolds of several magazines and books, as well as to expositions, posters, folders, and information panels.


Under here you can find an overview in different type of publications, with some examples:

Books, international:

  • Handbook of the Birds of the world (Del Hoyo & al., Lynx Edicions), 37 images published in various volumes.

             To see the image of a Red-bellied Pitta published in Volume 9, click here.

  • A photographic Guide to the Birds of Indonesia and A photographic Guide to the Birds of Southern Asia  (Morten Strange, New Holland), 33 images published in both books.
  • The National Parks and other Wild places of Indonesia (Gerald Cubitt, New Holland), 13 images published

Books, in dutch:

  • Miradal (Baeté & al, Davidsfonds), 7 images published
  • Een nieuwe verspreidingsatlas van de loopkevers en zandloopkevers (Carabidae) in België (Desender & al., INBO), coverphotograph and 10 images
  • Gedocumenteerde Rode Lijst van de libellen in Vlaanderen (De Knijf & Anselin, INBO), 5 images
  • De libellen van België (Gomphus & INBO), 2 images

             To see the image of Cordulegaster boltoni published in the distribution atlas, click here.

  • Vogels in het Gentse(Spanoghe & Van Elegem, Natuurpunt Gent & Vogelwerkgroep Gent), author and contributor to 14 images

Magazines, international:

  • African Birdclub, illustrations in article Birding Djah Biosphere Reserve, South Cameroon
  • Dutch Birding, illustrations of article about Crested Honeybuzzard and Western Honeybuzzard
  • Brochures, magazines and folders from Greenpeace, WWF and EFI (European Forest Institute)
  • ...

Magazines, national:  

  • Various cover photographs, centerfolds, and author and illustrator of various articles in De Boskrant, De Bosrevue, Bosreservatennieuws, Spoorzoeker, Natuurpunt Focus, Natuurpunt Blad, Natuurpunt Oriolus, Zicht op Zoniën,
  • ...

Expositions, international:

  •  ‘Exposición Fotográfica’, at Cordoba, Spain, april 1992
  • ‘Les 4ème rencontres européennes de la photographie non professionelle’, Galeries Poirel, Nancy 10 - 18 december 1994

Expositions, national:

  • Exposition about dead wood organisms in Groenendaal
  • Various pictures in expositions in visitor centra of nature reserves

Various photographic awards in local magazines of which Grasduinen and first prizes in Dutch magazine ‘Onze Wereld’  in 1999 and Agfa Gevaert in 1982.