• 24/09/2014
    I remember witnessing as a kid large numbers of Short-eared Owls flying out at dusk. About 30 years ago, on my first excursions as a birder to the coast, I observed several times up to 15 Sort-Eared Owls flying out in a relatively small area South of the Port of Zeebrugge.
  • 15/09/2014
    I’ve uploaded meanwhile all my images from my Spain holidays in 2009 and 2013. You can have a look at the portfolio by clicking here.
  • 31/08/2014
    In june 2014, in a seemingly very peaceful part of my hometown Gent, my attention was caught by lots of tiny burrows between the cobbles and on the footpath. Nothing is what it seems, as the place turned out to be the scenery of a real struggle for survival of tiny but fascinating creatures.
  • 29/05/2014
    On a hot spring day in Oostmalle, Belgium, I stopped for a few minutes to screen some freshly cut Scots Pine tree trunks for beetles. During the hottests parts of the day, treetrunks in a sunny spot always attract a lot of insects.
  • 12/05/2014
    On the 10th of April 2014, we had planned to search in the alkaline puszta for early spring beetles. For this purpose we visited Apaj Puszta, a part of the Park ‘Kiskunsag Nemzeti’.